Terms + Conditions


By sending a request for, purchasing, or accepting any services provided by HiQ Health Solutions LLC, you acknowledge that you are aware, understand, and accept the terms listed within this page. HiQ Health Solutions LLC reserves the right, at any time to modify, alter, or update the terms and conditions listed within this agreement without prior notice to consumers. Modifications to the agreement shall become effective immediately and will be posted for  public view at www.hiqhealthsolutions.com website.

General Disclaimer

HiQ Health Solutions LLC, to include any of it’s regular or contracted employees, shall not be held responsible for anything that may happen during the course of you executing any service, to include lab testing, medication action plans, and fitness/macronutrient plans. All workout/fitness and macronutrient plans are designed for private use only, and shall not be disbursed, transferred, or published in any way. Fitness and macronutrient plans are established by the HiQ Health Solutions LLC team based on their experience and research of the subject matters. No member of the team possesses special certification in medicine, dietary nutrition or fitness. 

Medical Disclaimer

Always seek the consultation of your physician before beginning any dietary or exercise program. Nothing provided to you by HiQ Health Solutions LLC, to include its employees, is ever to be construed to be medical advice or pharmaceutical care. The information provided to you by HiQ Health Solutions LLC is, in no way, at any time,  intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. HiQ Health Solutions provides education and action plans for medications, which is not to be considered medication counselling. Only a licensed pharmacist in your state may provide you with medication counselling and pharmaceutical care. HiQ Health Solutions LLC is not meant as a replacement to a licensed healthcare professional, and solely provides education to further your knowledge of the relative topic. This education should never serve as or replace the advice of  a licensed healthcare provider. Any health education or suggestion given by HiQ Health Solutions LLC is not a diagnosis, medication consult, pharmaceutical care, or form of treatment, and should be taken to your healthcare provider for medical advice.  

Laboratory service Policy

You agree that a lab test purchased through HiQ Health Solutions LLC does not constitute medical advice and will not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition. You also agree that the lab test results can be inaccurate through no fault of HiQ Health Solutions. You understand the lab testing and education services provided by HiQ Health Solutions is a service provided at your request and not suggested by our staff physician, chiropractic physician, pharmacist, or other HiQ Health Solutions LLC affiliate. You agree to, and understand, that the ordering physician/chiropractic physician and subsequent educating professional for any and all lab tests purchased through HiQ Health Solutions is not liable or responsible for, in any way, diagnosis, treatment, or cure of any lab test abnormality. You understand that is your responsibility to seek medical care from a licensed medical provider regarding lab tests obtained by HiQ Health Solutions LLC.  You also acknowledge that certain lab tests abnormalities must be reported to the appropriate state health divisions. As an online service we do not have a traditional doctor-patient relationship and do not provide CPT codes, diagnosis codes or provider information in order to file insurance claims.

Privacy Policy

HiQ Health Solutions LLC is dedicated to the protection of privacy and security of all personal identification information provided by consumers. All information is collected through your consent, and is only sought out at a level required to fulfill the  services requested from our company.

When to seek licensed medical care?

HiQ Health Solutions LLC does not provide the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition, nor does it provide medication counselling as it relates to pharmaceutical care and the practice of pharmacy. Should you experience any adverse event or symptoms such as (but not limited to) pain, weakness, achiness, light-headedness, dizziness, chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea, or any other form of abnormality, seek medical advice from a healthcare provider. General soreness can result from beginning new exercises, but should not be left unattended for longer than 2-3 days. HiQ Health Solutions does not define what general soreness is, and is not responsible for a lack of timely care for such an event. Any action plan obtained during a HiQ Health Solutions LLC should be discussed with your medical and/or pharmacy provider to ensure it is safe for you. Seek the advice of your licensed healthcare provider if you are unsure if you are experiencing general soreness or any other adverse effect.

Return and refund policy

The purchase of any product or service from HiQ Health Solutions LLC serves as a final sale. Our company strives to ensure the quality of its services. Upon enrollment in certain programs, if you are not fully pleased with the content, you may submit a request for refund within 24 hours of registration. All requests will be handled on an individual basis, with discretion lying to the HiQ Health Solutions LLC team. Full refunds will be provided to qualifying requests. Our company reserves the right at any time, for any reason, to modify, alter, or update pricing  without prior notice to clients. Please contact us with any questions prior to your purchase.