Services Overview

During your initial FREE discovery session, our health advocates work WITH you to determine what the best plan is for you. We completely understand, and rather enjoy, that not everyone is the same! We center our philosophy around the fact that we are all different. Different people cannot be given the same, cookie-cutter plan to navigate their journey. However, the overall goal for holistic health remains the same for us all - integrate and nourish the mind, body, and soul. Your plan is tailored to you by implementing these different services as appropriate for your holistic needs. See available services here.


The mind

At HiQ Health Solutions, we identify that the mind is the center of our being. It houses our thoughts, orchestrates our beliefs, and navigates our feelings, which in turn, guides us through the journey of our every day lives. Nutritional and physical well being are pinnacle to a healthy lifestyle and they both start with having a positive, balanced mind. Our holistic health advocacy provides services to promote the following:

  • Stress Reduction

  • Accountability

  • Empowerment over your health

  • Self-confidence

  • Self-motivation

The body

A major focus, and the traditional target, of health care is the physical body. It is an intricate component to holistic health, as we use our bodies as tools to perform our daily tasks. The stronger and healthier our physical bodies are, the better we are able to carry out these tasks. Caring for our bodies requires an in-depth understanding of what it needs both on the inside and the outside. Our services provide you with that understanding through the following:

  • Fitness support

  • Functional and intuitive nutritional education

  • Laboratory work

  • Medication regimen evaluation

  • Disease state education

  • Preventative health training



The soul

Acting as a beautifully diverse component of holistic health is the soul. The soul can be defined as the spiritual or immaterial components of the body, and must also be nurtured in order to achieve quality holistic health. Our services are structured to respect this diversity, while working to promote a sense of energetic balance. We individualize your plan to fit your holistic journey by promoting:

  • Sense of energetic balance

  • Spiritual exploration

  • Spiritual healing