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HiQ Health Solutions was founded with the goal to promote the integration of functional and holistic healthcare. As a center of excellence for holistic health and wellness advocacy, our company provides detailed knowledge and understanding of the mind, body, and soul. We utilize lab testing, fitness and nutritional coaching, health education, and spiritual healing to empower clients in gaining control of of their health. It is our belief that each person has a choice in how they wish to receive their healthcare, and we are here to guide you on that journey. In essence, we believe in making “holistic” care “whol-istic". It is time to empower the best you!


Our Services

Utilizing health and wellness professionals as advocates, our services provide you with a central location for “whol-istic” healthcare knowledge. We provide the necessary tools for you to take control of your health. Through lab tests, health education, fitness and nutritional coaching, and positive lifestyle changes, we are confident you will discover the best you!

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What Is Holistic Healthcare?

Holistic healthcare is not just a service, it is a way of life. The holistic approach to healthcare considers not just physical ailments, but the person as a whole. This includes promoting health of the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual self.

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Topic of the Month

Holistic health is an expansive approach to life, and encompasses many different types of care. Each month, we will highlight one focus of holistic healthcare to ensure our followers fully understand the endless opportunities that come with this lifestyle approach.  

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What do we do?

Whether you seek to improve your body, mind, soul, or to integrate all three into one (the truest holistic approach), we are here to help! We utilize advocacy, education, and laboratory services to provide empowering knowledge for you to take control of your health and discover the best you!


“We take the stress and complexity out of healthcare. The first step is for us to LISTEN….we want to know what health means to you. Our network of professionals can then channel your individual needs into personalized plans that optimize your health outcomes.. It’s all about supporting accountability and creating the best you!”

— Dr. Brett Courtright - CEO, Founder

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Strength In Numbers

Looking for the support and energy of a group environment? We offer both virtual and local group advocacy services to ensure your needs are met!