Group Support

At HiQ Health Solutions, we understand that some people love strength in numbers! Therefore, we provide options that tailor to that comfort. Whether you are seeking education or advocacy, we have options available for you to get the help you need in the comfort of a supportive group setting.


Group health presentations

Ever feel like you want to know more about your healthcare, but just aren’t sure where to go? Do your friends, coworkers, or employees feel the same way? Let us help! We offer services that provide you and your group with an individualized presentation from a health advocate on a topic of your choosing. You deserve quality education when it comes to your health, and we want to teach you!

group health coaching.png

Group health Program

Some of us thrive off the supportive energy of a group setting! Things such as group fitness classes and wellness challenges are proving to be a major success. We believe that this same concept should be available to you for health advocacy. Be a part of a group of eager, like-minded individuals seeking to gain the knowledge and motivation of a health advocate, while contributing to a positive group environment.

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corporate wellness

Studies have shown that one major cost to businesses across the United States is healthcare expenditures for its employees. Through the use of health advocates and a structured holistic wellness program, HiQ Health Solutions seeks to target these expenditures and work to improve the quality of your employees care, reducing the costs to your company. Contact us to request a quote today!