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Founded by Dr. Brett Courtright, HiQ Health Solutions serves as a center of excellence in the promotion of holistic health. For years, Dr. Courtright has practiced as a clinical pharmacist in various healthcare settings, leading him to the realization that the typical patient simply does not receive the education, guidance, and advocacy they deserve when it comes to their health. As the costs of healthcare and professional education continue to climb, healthcare practitioners must acclimate by seeing more patients in order to generate the funds necessary to stay in business. This gap in the field of healthcare consistently grows as practitioners expand their patient volume and take on more patients, leading to less time for patient education. Dr. Courtright identified this major burden placed upon healthcare providers, and the drastic need to fill the gap by empowering patients with the knowledge they deserve to take control of their health. With this knowledge, patients can feel confident in understanding their health status, while developing long-lasting, healthy lifestyle changes to prevent future ailments. In turn, patients will discover true empowerment over their health. Dr. Courtright believes strongly in the holistic approach to patient care. Often misunderstood and thought to be solely naturopathic care, holistic healthcare utilizes ALL types of health services to treat a patient. This moves away from only treating the physical body of the patient, and focuses care to the patient in their entirety - mind, body, and soul. This approach is not simply a form of care, but an overall approach to life. Because of the need to fill this expanding gap in healthcare, Dr. Courtright set out to promote holistic health and patient empowerment by forming HiQ Health Solutions. With holistic health advocacy, HiQ Health Solutions empowers our clients to understand their diagnoses, labs, medications, exercise goals, nutritional needs, and many other aspects of their health to best exemplify their best self!


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Dr. Courtright founded HiQ Health Solutions as a means to bridge the gap between medical care and holistic health. His experiences as a clinical pharmacist and fitness professional have provided him with a keen understanding of the barriers to persons seeking a holistic approach to their health. His well-rounded expertise in healthcare and advanced knowledge of functional nutrition, fitness, and spirituality make him an exceptional resource and advocate for your holistic journey.

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), 2015
UMKC School of Pharmacy

AAHIVP,2016                                                                             American Academy of HIV Medicine

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Brett Courtright, PharmD, AAHIVP

CEO, Health and Wellness Executive